Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jane Austen Postcards

They're finally here and all packaged up!

After a long wait and many requests for a postcard set, I've been able to add them to the shop.

As I was putting them together, I couldn't help imagining all the uses for them. Here in the UK, whenever we can, we go and stay in a National Trust Holiday Cottage. Admittedly, we haven't done it for a while, but if we were to, I think it would be nice to send out some postcard invitations to friends. That website though - you can get lost in it, so be careful! I'd love to visit quirky little places like this, or this, purely for the excellent name. The latter looks like a place I would like to write some poetry...if I could... 
..and this place is here... Ahhh...

The postcards would be excellent Book Club party invitations, or for a Regency ball or dinner party, or even a wedding!

Anyway, have fun whatever you do this Summer (or Winter, depending on your hemisphere...) I hope you like them. 

 Happy writing!

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