Friday, 12 July 2013

Upcycling a Rococo dress.

I'll admit, fashion is not something that crosses my mind all that often in the real world. When I say 'real world', i mean actually wearing it and the shoes and bags which go along with it. Maybe twice a year, I'll have a compulsion to go out and splurge on a bundle of cool and eye-catching garments, which I can wear in place of a personality (and just occasionally, that compulsion will coincide with me having a good-taste day!), but I'm not one of those girls who wants to shop whenever they have a spare moment. I can't. I feel rather useless and as though I've totally wasted a day. Retail therapy doesn't work for me. Aren't I tedious?! Still, sometimes if I go out, I'll suddenly want to go crazy - wear something different - and then just end up wearing some strange concoction of leaves, lace and bread. Or something. So mostly, I play it safe/boring now.
However, I am a little obsessed with this dress at the moment. I'd wear that. Not sure where, but I'd find somewhere! You wouldn't normally combine yellow, pink and gold, would you? But there we go. It works here. It's genius. I painted a little 18th century lady wearing a similar dress
Click here to find her IN THE ETSY SHOP.
Then, I thought "What if the dress WAS a little more pret-a-porter?" and came up with this:
A little fifties lady, like many of my paintings. So, has she redesigned a fabric similar to the original Rococo one? or...SHOCK..has she 'upcycled' that actual dress?! Surely, a face like this couldn't perform such a heinous act?

 I shudder and hope for the former. You can find her by CLICKING HERE.

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